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marcus said:
This is too easy-
You know you own a Fisker when....
You can track a ship anywhere in the world.
You know more about your car than your dealer does.
You have no idea if your car is locked or unlocked.
50 miles = 40 miles
Sometimes your speedometer doesn't work.
Phone calls can cause check engine lights.
Sometimes your radio stops working.
You need to reboot your car.
Charging works "sometimes."
You get all of your info from Fisker Buzz.
Your radio presets don't work.
You press buttons and wait.
Your have the largest remote anyone has ever seen.
Your volume button goes haywire.
You don't dare use your USB port.
Bluetooth confuses your car.
You know what a CEL is.
You're looking forward to 6.15

[Moderator's Note: I thought this deserved to be it's own thread]
I could make a list three times as long with the (very) positive aspects of this car. Maybe we should focus on those a bit more too :-/

Maybe I will when I have the time later today...

784 Posts
I love my Karma because:

- I feel like the centre of the world (and wasn’t even suffering from an attention deficit)
- Aston Martin- and Ferrari-drivers check out my car, instead of the other way round (and they paid two or three times as much).
- I drive the same car as Leonardo and Ashton.
- I am in the forefront of an unique change: electric driving becoming cool
- I can share my enthusiasm for electric driving with lots of people every day (and have so far caused three people to order a car with a similar propulsion, the Opel Ampera).
- My Karma is causing a stir where ever she goes.
- And brings a moment of amazement and joy to hundreds of people every day.
- Youngsters run on my driveway, only to run back shouting to their friends that it says ‘Karma’ on the back and that they have to look it up on Google.
- I found several pictures of my car on the internet, taking by youngsters who spot exotic cars they desire.
- I drive a piece of art that would fit in any museum of modern art.
- Even when it’s sitting on the driveway it’s pure art.
- After 4 years of looking at every available picture of a Karma, I am still not tired of its looks.
- It hasn’t aged a day.
- I get to see the sun rise and set on the huge hood in front of me. Whole landscapes reflect on the curves and arches
- In the sun the car sparkles like a diamond
- Even on a cloudy day it’s more radiant than others.
- I have the biggest wheels of any production car (and wheels make the car)
- But at the same time those 22 inch wheels are amazingly comfortable; no bumpy ride.
- It produces the most futuristic sound; it’s music to my ears
- Even my blinker sounds nice
- The daytime LED’s look great
- The xenon lights even better.
- They produce a huge amount of light, at night I can see more on the road than in any other car.
- With full lighting the front is extremely impressive.
- When I sit down I feel cuddled (surrounded by the center tunnel and chair)
- And I get welcomed by a soft musical tone.
- The smell of fresh leather
- And the touch of soft alcantara
- I listen to a superb sound system.
- I drive more relaxed than ever
- I don’t feel the need to speed, even though I can.
- Sometimes I don’t even have to brake, when using Hill-mode.
- I have better mileage in a traffic jam than in normal driving (the opposite of a conventional car)
- The handling is supreme
- The steering wheel is made for my hands, not too thin
- I hardly see a gas station anymore
- Get incredible mileage
- As the sun powers my car (I use electricity from solar panels on the roof of my company and soon of my house)
- My car is the future, brought forward to the present
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