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Would like to buy a fisker in germany please help

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Hello, i am a new fisker lover from austria.

i would like to buy this fisker:


harleyguy told me that there are new hard splines on the car.

the fisker partner in germany told me that 2012 the fisker bekame new hard splines. the software version is on 520.
the batterie is repaired.

everything should be ok and the warranty is still to 06/2016
i have a fisker partner in austria called gruenzweig. he is about 200km away from me (2hours)

please can you give me some feedback about this fisker and shoud i do it ????:-/
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I mentioned the car might have a new RDM installed I didn't see anything about traction motors . You have to make that decision yourself if you have done your home work by reading the threads on the forum you know your taking a chance .
Hi Fiskerfan77,

you should check the following link:
One of the owners of Fisker Karma in Austria (Daniel Hirschbock) is sharing there his experience with Austrian dealer very extensively. I am not sure that you want to go through the things he went through... perhaps it is his car you want to buy...
thank you for the answer.

YH4K14AA0CA002582 this would be my second opinion.
it is one of the last fisker ?

and black - black.

can someone please check this number?

if there are problems with gruenzweig austria i can go to avalon muenchen. thats not the problem.
You can actually go to the new Fisker web site, called and check out that VIN number. Just go into the Register area and go into public forums. In there, look for checking VIN numbers for recall campaigns. You can then find out everything that has and has not been done on the Fisker. Open recalls should not worry you as they (Fisker) are setting up shop again and you will find the Fisker dealer will honor recalls for free. As for the rest of the car, to be honest with you, it is your decision. These cars are not like Mercedes or BMW (both of which I have owned high end models), and they were bad to say the least. I had so many problems with my Mercedes and its delaer that I swore never to buy another Merc again. So, check the car out, take it for a good spin, push it see how it behaves and if any lights come on, etc. Then go from there. Good luck.
In there, look for checking VIN numbers for recall campaigns. You can then find out everything that has and has not been done on the Fisker.
Actually, you can only see a subset of what's been done there. It provides recall history and some TSBs but not all maintenance, service or other updates will show. Having one of the techs on this board run the VIN will provide a more comprehensive picture.

That's totally correct. It will show no maintenance records as I found only the recalls on my car, nothing else. Good to see the recalls though.
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