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Wipers not working

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Today my wipers suddenly stopped working.
Checked the fuse and it is ok. Wiper fluid still ok as the fluid sprays.
Wipers won't move in whatever position I try.
Hard reset did not resolve either.
Any suggestions? Where is the connection for the wiper motors?
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Take off the wiper arms and the black covers, and test for power at the wiper motor connector.

Failing that, lormax, fiskerphilly or harley guy ;)
Where is wiper arm power connector. seems indeed no power
You'll have to actually remove the wiper arms, then the wiper cowl.

The wiper motor is under there...
Done. Cable correct in socket. no power to be measured...
Don't have a wiring diagram handy I can look when I get to work the wire layout . Did you make sure you used a good ground when you used you test light or multimeter to check for power ? If you need a new wiper motor let me know I can help,you out with that .
Used Multimeter.
if you would be so kind to check out wiring diagram an look for locations which might got disconnected, that would be nice.
The wipers did not stop working during operation. Yesterday when I needed them just nothing happened. Worked fine a few days before...
Move to Phoenix. You'll go a lot longer without missing them! :) (Good luck, btw!!)
Issue solved. Apparently I took SW reprogramming...
Issue solved. Apparently I took SW reprogramming...
Don't leave us hanging what software and who did the software ?
I thought he was taking a Southwest (SW) flight to Phoenix. :D

But, good question, HarleyGuy.
What SW was re-programmed I don't know as I was not present at the time it happened. Dealership said the wipers are controlled by SW and for some odd reason function was disabled. Got the car back in 30 mins after the performed 'the trick'
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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