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Winter Wheels and Tires

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Having not been able to lay my hands on a reasonable priced set of winter wheels and tires, and some people (who will remain nameless) asking far too much for their old stock tires and / or wheels, I have found a solution:

Pirelli Winter Scorpion Tires

Front 255/40/21
Rear 265/40/21

Wheels: Niche Essen M146, either silver or matte black

These are available and in stock by many tire dealers. The extra 10mm in the front does no cause rubbing of the fenders and does not interfere with the suspension. Several wheel choices are available and if you ask your wheel / tire guy, he would recommend a suitable wheel for you dependent on your preference for width of the wheel. Above wheels are the closets fit and look awesome. Too early to talk about winter tires, I know but I could not help offer this solution after seeing the ridiculous tire prices some members are asking for what may well be old three or four yer old tires where the rubber may have hardened. Tires only have limited shelf life and are not ever lasting! Good luck whatever you choose but this is a real solution for you.
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You are welcome. Hate to see people pay exorbitant prices for old stock tires that have been sitting around in someone's garage for 3 years or more.
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