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winter tires

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I got the price 12500 dollars for the wintertires kit from my dealer.
Live in europe.

For me this is alot for wintertires.
Anyone who knows if there is an alternative for the wintertires?
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Michael said:
i didnt find 21 or 22 winter tyres, where you supposed to find these?

That was Deep Ocean's point: The reason Fisker offers a separate, 21" winter wheel is because there are no winter tires that will fit on the stock 22" circuit blade wheels and still fit in the wheel well. Fisker does have a custom 21" winter tire designed to fit the 21" winter wheels in the well. This is the $6000US wheel-and-tire package you'll see Fisker offer.

No I am looking at the wintertires. Anyone who is using another set of rims and tires then fisker original?
I might get a chance for cool looking after market wheels, but I need the sensors ... not sure whether Fisker will sell them, as they want to sell the wheels (haven't asked yet).

Does anybody know, what Karma does, if there are no tire pressure sensors at all?

you can buy the sensors so i would ask your dealer
You can buy the sensors separate from Fisker I am told. Did you find any rims and winter tires that will fit? I haven't yet and want to. Otherwise I will get the Fisker ones.

not sure, how it is supposed to be handled in other countries, in Germany, you need a certificate from the manufacturer of the rims to operate them on a particular car.
Sometimes you need additional certificates from the TÜV, an authority for these kind of certificates.

So I only found two sets. One in 21", but nobody was able to deliver the wheels and an other set if rims, which unfortunately would have been 20".

As of my calculations, with these rims, the Karma is much lower, and might lose its stunning look because of the additional space around the wheels in the wheel house.

So for this season, I went for the originals.

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21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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