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Window issues

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I thought the windows go up and down fairly slow compared to other cars I have driven, but yesterday the front passenger window in auto up, went supper slow and then started to shake its way up with associated motor noises. So, I am guessing that someone either forgot to grease the rails the window goes up and down or my motor is going. I am going to have them check all four windows.
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The windows are fairly sensitive to alignment within the guides, and as such most likely need to be adjusted ever so slightly. The window lift motors themselves are actually fairly stong and they run on a conventional cable lift regulator.
I've wondered why the windows move so slowly - I had just assumed the motors were barely adequate (which is one reason I've held off getting the windows tinted, since I didn't want the added friction to burn out the motors).

What exactly to you mean by sensitive? Does this mean that every time I close a door, I run the risk of throwing the window guide out of alignment and risk damaging the car by opening and closing the windows?
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