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Why my car goes into a frenzy. YMMV

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Yesterday I figured it out why my car goes into a frenzy and this may help some of you. When I first got the car, I parked in the garage and put the parking brake on. I had many of the intermittent problems you guys have. CEL, Oil lights, wouldnt start, dancing PRND cube etc...

Then I stopped using the parking brake. All the problems went away. I didnt notice it because I thought it was the 6.142 update.

I have had no problems for 2 weeks.

Yesterday, I was showing someone the car and they wanted to pop the hood. They pushed the buttons including the parking brake next to the driver. When we close the hood and I was ready to drive off, the car was in a frenzy. THe mirrors wouldnt close, the low fuel indicator kept beeping, the radio was shot, the presets lost.

I shut the car down, but it did not recover (the mirrors).

I think the parking brake may be an issue.

Anyone know if the mirrors are stuck, can I just manually move them back or that will dmage the motors?

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If the mirrors didn't return to the normal position the motors probably are gone. That happened to mine a while back. I was told " do not" force the mirrors back to the normal driving position. The motors were replaced and I rarely use this feature any longer.
Useful information for us and for Fisker too. I hope that gets us closer to solving the mystery.

(Unfortunately I can't use this trick because I park on a slope. If I put it in P without applying the parking brake it will rock back when I turn off the car).
I don't think the issue is the parking brake, as I use it every time and rarely have glitches. I believe the problems usually arise if you don't wait for an action (such as pressing the Accept button) to fully complete before initiating another action (such as removing the parking brake).

Since adopting a single-tasking mentality when starting the Karma I have eliminated most of the glitches that I used to experience.
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