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My priority was similar:

1) Technology - cuttting edge, interesting and clever
2) Design - The car is gorgeous, and I'll never have to ask the valet to leave it up front :)
3) Image - I like being seen as an early adopter
4) Voting with Dollars: I wanted to support a startup willing to take a chance and do something hard
5) Political - supporting an American company and economy, reducing the use of foreign oil
6) Environmental - Eco friendliness, and a great Eco conversation starter

Savings doesn't really factor into it for me. I agree it's a good *value* for what you're getting, but I hope nobody is buying a Fisker to save money.

When the Tesla Roadster first came out I was completely captivated. The idea of an electric car that didn't look like a Saturn EV-1 or a hippiemobile really caught my eye. Unfortunately, the reality of trying to buy and maintain one in Atlanta when the nearest dealer and service center was 700 miles away in Miami killed that dream. I first heard and saw pictures of the the Karma in 2008 or 2009 and I kept it on my radar. About a year ago it appeared again in Car and Driver and that prompted me to visit Fisker's website. I saw that they now had an Atlanta dealer, that deliveries were imminnent (ha! I'm still waiting) and I placed a deposit the next day.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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