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I subscribed to CHARGED when they became a supporter of Fisker Buzz. I figure it's a good idea to patronize the folks who help make this site possible, plus it's really a quite well done publication with well written and informative articles.

I just wish that the Fisker Karma existed in their world.

When I received the April/May issue (with Maximum Bob on the cover) I read it cover to cover. It contained a lot of great stories, mentions and pictures of seemingly every EV and PHEV on the market, and several that aren't even on the market, but not a single mention of Fisker or the Karma. I was disappointed, but I chalked it up to oversight or unlikely coincidence.

Today I received the June/July issue (with the Ford Focus Electric cover) and again, not a single mention of Fisker or the Karma. Even in the article discussing Plug-in Serial Hybrids (of which I'm only aware of two on the market, the Volt and the Karma) the article mentions the Volt but no mention of the Karma.

Tesla, of course is featured heavily in both issues, as are the Leaf, the Volt and some other usual suspects. Why no love for the Karma?

The Karma may not be a huge seller yet but it's still am important car in the EV spectrum and still one of a very small number of EVs that are actually being sold to real customers today. I don't understand the continued omission.

Is there anyone from CHARGED on this forum that can respond? Did Henrik hurt your feelings? Do you not know anyone with a Fisker you can talk to? (There are lots of people around these forums that would gladly help you with that, including me). Is there a special Fisker Owner's edition I'm unaware of?

I like CHARGED. I would like it even more if it acknowledged the existence of what I think is one of the most revolutionary steps in the EV landscape.


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I'm glad you posted this! I subscribed to Charge (for my brother) for the same reason, because they supported this forum. (And because I thought my brother would enjoy the read. Fisker SHOULD be in the magazine!

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Hello Fisker Fans,

A fair criticism. There has not been a lot of coverage of the Karma.

Since our launch in January, the majority of our article ideas have come from the EV trade shows we attend (AABC, IEEE EV Expo, EVS26, Plug-In 2012). Fisker has been mostly absent from these events, probably because the show attendees (big automaker engineers, gov't officials, fleet managers, charging station manufacturers, etc.) are not potential Karma customers. So, the reason for the lack of coverage is really just coincidence.

I can report, that we are working with Quantum Technology on an article that will certainly include discussion of the Karma power train development. And Fisker's communications team reached out to us last week (a few hours after this thread started), so stay tuned.

We do love the Karma, it's hard not to. I live in the Tampa Bay area, where they are quite popular. I seem to pass one in the wild on a weekly basis and spot them more than any other plug-in by far. My phone has about a dozen photos of different Karmas in the wild.

If anyone has a cool idea for a Fisker article, please shoot us an email at [email protected]

Christian Ruoff
CHARGED Electric Vehicles Magazine
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