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What Real World Mileage Are you Getting?

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Now that we have at least a couple of members driving real Fisker Karmas, it would be most instructive to know if the real world All Electric Range and charge-sustaining MPG is closer to the EPA numbers or the TUV. Any thoughts and data so far on how far?


-- Fab.
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Unfortunately, the trip computer on this car is limited. You'd think it would give you lots of that kinda of info, but it doesn't. The only number it has is the average MPG. So, all I know is that I've been getting 74mpg so far (probably because I was playing with Sport mode a lot on day 1). My MPG has been going up every time I drive it tho since I'm driving in Stealth 99% of the time now.

That being said, if I mentally subtract the Sport miles I've driven each time I've drained the battery it appears I'm getting between 40-50 miles on a charge. It seems that the better I am about using the Hill 2 mode for braking the better I do. Also, the weather has been 50-60º for the last few days so I haven't had the AC or heater on at all.

Brian, have you noticed how drivers behind you react to Hill 2-mode? When I used it during one of my test drives, the deceleration was pretty strong. As the brake lights do not come on, there is a chance that people behind don't notice the slow down in time. Have you seen anyone breaking hard behind you? (Or is it impossible to see anyone at all because of the small window).

I think I will use Hill 1 all the time and use Hill 2 only for slopes.
Yeah, I've been keeping my eye on that and watching cars behind me. Typically what happens is that the cars are far enough back that it doesn't matter, but if I see a car creeping up on me then I very lightly hit the brake pedal just enough to make the lights come on.

I know I had originally thought this to be a problem and mentioned it in the forum, but in driving my Subaru WRX Wagon, I do a lot of downshifting at stoplights only using my brake right at the end, so people may be more accustomed to non-braking deceleration than I had originally thought. I like Brian's idea, no sense in risking a rear-end, parts would probably take 3 months, delayed to 4, 5, 6 months to arrive.
The hill 2 mode decelerates much slower than my downshifting in the Lambo with a V10. In the U.S. we have huge engines that can slow the car quickly if downshifting without using brakes. And now I could make a joke about the engine sizes in Europe, but I won't. Anyhow, here in Texas we use trucks with at least a 5.7l V8 to pull our caravans/travel-trailers, while in Europe you'll find a huge travel trailer behind a Mercedes S-call with a 1.8l turbo diesel. OK, maybe that's an exaggeration, but it's still close to the truth.
So, I'm quickly finding out that I'm not the 80%. I can't even recall if I've still had any battery charge left any time that I've ever pulled into my driveway in the last 6 days that I've had the car. I'm getting around 41 miles per charge on average right now, and that's apparently not enough for me - not by a long shot. The amazing thing is that I work from home, yet I have been putting on 17,000 miles/year on my cars combined.

Today I drove to a friend's house and had to run the ICE for about 6 miles on my way back. Then about 4 1/2 hours later I went to my girlfriend's house, but the car hadn't had time to charge fully, so it started me with only 30 miles. Needless to say that didn't get me far because the round trip to her place out and back is 48 miles, and we put another 10 or so on driving to dinner from her place.

It seems that realistically, I need a car that can do *at least* 75 miles on a charge in order to avoid using the ICE every day.

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Well, you can either find a car that does 75 miles on a charge or find a girlfriend closer to home. Or, what the hell, ask her to move in with you and you can save all the fossil fuels it takes to visit her (pluss save us for the excess CO2 when you get there). Best for the environment=stay home alone.
I just hope you're getting some "value" out of that commute. :)
brian said:
It seems that realistically, I need a car that can do *at least* 75 miles on a charge in order to avoid using the ICE every day.

Model S deposit, GO! :)
I think I got more like the 32 miles EPA guess than the TUV 52 miles today. I should have set my trip odo, but forgot to. But, I did notice that my miles traveled didn't go up nearly as quickly as my battery miles went down. I'll get back to you all as soon as I can get some better info.
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