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Washing the car when the "dam" repair hasn't been made

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I learned the hard way that there's a minor(?) defect that lets water get in to the CIU. I read all of the threads and looked at all of the pics on how to make a dam to fix the issue, but just never have the time to do it. Or the confidence, really. I mean, I'm comfortable enough with taking cars apart and (almost) putting them back together (haha), but I'm not perfectly confident in my ability to completely protect the CIU and prevent water.

In fact, shortly after going through an automatic car wash a year and a half ago, my car shut down and left me stranded on the side of the road! I was able to hobble it home, then let it sit in the garage for a month to dry out. I haven't had any major problems since, but now the backup camera only works about 25% of the time so there's apparent corrosion in the CIU :-/ So I haven't washed it in about 1 1/2 years!

The question is, how do you all safely wash your car while preventing water from getting into the CIU?
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I liked the Optimum products generally (don't need a hose, just buckets of water - use 2-bucket method if dirty)

I recently got ceramic coating, so I'm not supposed to use the one with wax I linked to (or really the one without wax either - they have some very specific recommendations), but either would solve your issue.

But damn: you should do the fix anyway man - what if you get caught out in the rain!
But damn: you should do the fix anyway man - what if you get caught out in the rain!
I know, right? The problem I have is that Joe is my closest guy, and he's an 11 hour drive. I could do it myself, but I'd never feel confident that I did it right so that's a waste of time that could potentially make it worse.

As time goes by, it becomes a bigger and bigger issue. But I don't have the time or money to take it to Philly, and I haven't figured out an alternative.
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