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Wanxiang's stake in Porsche

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I wasn't aware of this but on Wikipedia it says on December 19, 2013, Lu Guanqiu (Founder & President of Wanxiang) invested Porsche SE, with Wanxiang owning a 29% stake Porsche. Anyone know if this is true? This is the first time I'm hearing about this.

It's also on Porsche's wikipedia page:
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The Wikipedia seems a little confusing. VW owns Porsche Automotive. The Article is referring to Porsche SE, a holding company whose business in Automotive Services and Financial Services.

IMHO, There has been a "confusing" relationship between VW and Porsche for sometime. I had invested in VW a number a years ago, and came to realize I had no Idea about the company (VW, Audi, Porsche, Bentley, etc.) or what German laws affected these companies, and what made their stock change in value. That said, I would found it just as confusing of what the relationship of Wanxiang and Porsche SE. Does make for interesting reading.
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