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Enter your VIN details to display all recalls for your vehicle, detailing what has been repaired and any outstanding work.

VIN : YH4K12AA0CA000402

Model :2012 Karma EcoStanOdometer Unit :MPHBuild Date :2011-10-17Warranty :Active

Recall/Campaign #DescriptionLaunch DateStatusComplete Date Odometer
31612 0002FRONT INVERTER GROUNDS CAMPAIGN2012-01-11Completed2012-11-12 8847
390120003BASELINE 613 RELEASE OVERVIEW CAMPAIGN2012-01-20ExpiredNot Reported
390120008BASELINE 613.5 RELEASE CAMPAIGN2012-01-27Completed2012-03-19 33
390120002HV DC POWER CABLE INSPECTION CAMPAIGN2012-02-09Completed2012-03-19 33
390120018BASELINE 615 RELEASE OVERVIEW CAMPAIGN2012-04-02Completed2012-05-07 644
360120014RECOVERY EYE CAMPAIGN2012-04-05Completed2012-11-12 8847
390120040BASELINE 628 RELEASE OVERVIEW CAMPAIGN2012-06-22Completed2012-08-12 4483
520120016LOW TEMPERATURE COOLING FAN VOLUNTARY SA2012-08-24Completed2012-09-17 5783
390120058BASELINE 510 RELEASE OVERVIEW2012-10-17Completed2012-11-12 8847
370120038DOOR PULL RING CAMPAIGN2012-11-13Completed2013-02-18 12702
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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