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VIN Check Please

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Thinking about purchasing a Karma and I have my eye on one. The VIN is YH4K12AA0CA000402

Any history on this? It has higher miles so I imagine most repairs have been done.
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Enter your VIN details to display all recalls for your vehicle, detailing what has been repaired and any outstanding work.

VIN : YH4K12AA0CA000402

Model :2012 Karma EcoStanOdometer Unit :MPHBuild Date :2011-10-17Warranty :Active

Recall/Campaign #DescriptionLaunch DateStatusComplete Date Odometer
31612 0002FRONT INVERTER GROUNDS CAMPAIGN2012-01-11Completed2012-11-12 8847
390120003BASELINE 613 RELEASE OVERVIEW CAMPAIGN2012-01-20ExpiredNot Reported
390120008BASELINE 613.5 RELEASE CAMPAIGN2012-01-27Completed2012-03-19 33
390120002HV DC POWER CABLE INSPECTION CAMPAIGN2012-02-09Completed2012-03-19 33
390120018BASELINE 615 RELEASE OVERVIEW CAMPAIGN2012-04-02Completed2012-05-07 644
360120014RECOVERY EYE CAMPAIGN2012-04-05Completed2012-11-12 8847
390120040BASELINE 628 RELEASE OVERVIEW CAMPAIGN2012-06-22Completed2012-08-12 4483
520120016LOW TEMPERATURE COOLING FAN VOLUNTARY SA2012-08-24Completed2012-09-17 5783
390120058BASELINE 510 RELEASE OVERVIEW2012-10-17Completed2012-11-12 8847
370120038DOOR PULL RING CAMPAIGN2012-11-13Completed2013-02-18 12702
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I've never used that but I believe that only list if the campaigns are completed it doesn't list warranty work done by the dealership
Hey - I defer to the pro's Adam and Joe - I am just a commoner with that link as my best shot!!
Here is the vehicle in question that I had my eye on:

Any way of know what work was done to it without asking the seller? Anyone familiar with this one?
Had the muffler replaced and the RDM replaced car was sold from Fisker dealer Las Vegas price is low makes me wonder if it has hidden problems
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