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Video: Presentation on creating the Karma by Bill Tally

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I came across this video today. It's a talk that Bill Tally gave to the Motor Press Guild in Los Angeles. Mr. Tally is Fisker's Director of Vehicle Integration, which as I understand it means he and his team were the people responsible for turning the vision, idea and design into an actual product. His talk provides a fascinating look into the creation, engineering and certification of the car. It uses some of the B-roll footage we've seen before but there are also some graphics and video that is new, including hard-to-watch crash tests :)


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Nicely done, but the crash test videos were difficult to watch...
Richard Carnes said:
Nicely done, but the crash test videos were difficult to watch...
They were, but it was reassuring to see how little deformation there was in the cabin after a 55 MPH rear crash. That was pretty impressive.
Okay, here's my question about the crash tests: If they went to the trouble to crash test them...why didn't they get the NHTSA to do the tests so they'd be able to brag about the results?!
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