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Video is 71:48 long - so make sure you have time set aside to watch it. Very interesting answers from all members of the panel about the future of the automotive industry. Henrik Fisker in particular makes quite a compelling case for the future of Fisker Automotive.

Susan Cischke of Ford Motor Company and Henrik Fisker, center, of Fisker Automotive listen as Michael Granoff of Better Place asserts that electrification is going to prove to be a disruptive technology as costs come down over the next decade.

Everyone talks a good game: We need electric and biofuel-powered cars to cut emissions and reduce our dependence on oil. But change has been a long time coming. Cars are getting smaller and more efficient, and some hybrids are making inroads. But how can we achieve truly game-changing progress? How close are we getting to revolutionary technology changes that can be taken to scale? What will the cars of the future look like? Hear the answers from representatives from some of the most innovative car companies in the business.
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