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Upgrade 520

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I just wanted to make a quick post and let owners know that any software from 520 on will only be able to be done by official CSP providers . Since Fisker controls the software download to our Laptops they control who receives the software. So some of the so called technicians that no longer work for a CSP provider won't have the latest software .

Doing software on any Fisker no matter where it is can be done but has to be done by a tech that's working at a dealership
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Thanks for the info Harleyguy.
BTW, the 520 upgrade HarleyGuy provided over a month ago has been working fine so far.
Great to hear that 520 is "good". My Karma is in the shop for the ICU water prevention that KarmaNews recommended be done under the Customer Appreciation Program. Having 520 done at the same time, even though there is little interaction on the driver's interface side.
Adam did the 520 update to my car, I'm really happy with that update, I feel the car have more power on stealth, and I don't have to wait any more for the 3 minute to be able to plug in my charge that is a +++ to me, thanks Adam :)
I think they may have changed they way they calculate MPG with the 520 upgrade. I went from 409MPG to 83MPG. but i could be wrong. Anyone else?
When I got my upgrade, somebody had reset the trip counter, so I started my MPG over, but it was staying in (my) normal range of 98-105. And, the counter gets messed up every 3000 miles or so, so it's best to reset the trip counter every now & again.
... so it's best to reset the trip counter every now & again.
I reset and it's back to 409MPG, thank you. I rarely use the engine. Perhaps once a month for a meeting in Miami, and then, it is only on ICE on the way back.
The 520 seems to work fine. The time out to reset the car is about 30-40 seconds. The range indicator seems more linear. I haven't driven with the ICE on the road, and will check the 120 mile "gap" where it used to loose calc for a while. Not much difference noted on driving performance. Did have the CIU and Cabin Filter Water Ingress prevention campaign done at the same time. Highly recommend getting that done before Warranty and CAP expires next year.
Got my Karma back with the 520 upgrade. Not significantly noticeable (although I had to restore various presets, like not having the Nav Lady tell me about the speed limit—she seems to have the wrong info near the SF/Oakland Bay Bridge, as I got an alert when the rush broke up enough to hit 50 or so, maybe she thought I was on the toll side? anyway...). I think the super-low-speed pulse is improved (there was a lot of well-under-1-mph rush hour traffic), the shortened hill chimes are definitely shorter, etc.
My experience with the (nag) lady is that sometimes when I go under an overpass of a city street that spans over the "loop" highway in Phoenix, it will decide that I'm speeding. I'm assuming it's picking up the speed of the road above me. So, I'm sitting in Cruise Control going along, go under the viaduct, and get "Please observe the speed limit!".

... Observe it yourself, _____ [lady] ... you're driving!!!!

520 Software Observations:

- Voice Speed warning enabled by default, needed to disable
- Sounds from all inputs muted from before (Sport mode, Hill Modes, Shift Modes Ignition Button and Blinkers) I was surprised by the ignition and blinker volume being much less. I thought something was wrong when I first turned on the car.
- ICE RPM much lower during driving in sport mode and when batt reaches 0 miles. Most notable at highway speeds where ICE noise is much reduced due to lower RPM
- ICE RPM rate of change much faster when taking foot off throttle. The RPM used to hang a bit then reduce but now the software seems to be trying to keep the RPM as low as possible so the engine spins down quickly.
- No changes to graphic interface as expected. Solar screen does nothing, display colors are still lame and hard to read as always.
- Gas gauge reading is more accurate
- Fuel economy may be slightly better running in sport mode, I noticed better fuel usage in 100% sport mode.
- Fans shutdown quickly when car turned off
- Slightly better slow speed <5mph shuddering but still noticeable
- Much better switching between regen and brakes so much that it’s not really noticeable.
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Thanks for the update unfortunately this is the only way I learn what the updates do in real time .
Since having 520 installed, I no longer have to push the start button twice. Just put my foot on the brake and press the button once. It goes to "ready".
While some may be subjective, this is what I have noticed:

- The fans run significantly less even after the ICE has been running. If I drive 30 miles to/from work on battery only, often the fans are not running at all when I get to my destination. When they do run, they switch off much more quickly (30-45 seconds).
- I get the impression that charging takes longer with my Level 1 (110v) charger (may be my imagination)
- The fuel gauge range and 'arc' does not seem to change much anymore
- The "Parking Brake is Applied" message is no longer ALL CAPS :)
- The music system comes on even before I select "Agree" on the touch panel.
- The chimes for selecting HILL and SPORT are indeed shorter
- I still got a P0A7B error after I drove back from your garage. The car ran on ICE for a while after depleting the battery (no sudden drop in battery range in the last miles that I noticed) and I charged the car overnight. In the morning the CEL was on and my reader showed P0A7B (and P1BDE). I did clear it and it has not come back (though I have not run the ICE again).

Thank you Pat at Pat's Garage in San Francisco - he got my brake squeal and front wheel judder issues fixed along with the 520 update and applied all this to the Fisker warranty. Great!


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I got the impression that Charging takes a little longer (with my 240V), too. Normally, I'd be done in 4-5 hours (from 15 to 50 Stealth Miles), but now it seems like it runs for 6 hours more often. I hadn't thought to connect it with the software. Anybody else notice this?
My time-to-charge is unchanged: the Blink unit reports total charge time and it's always just over 5 hours when starting from 0-to-4 miles of remaining range...
My time-to-charge is... just over 5 hours
That's strange, my time has always been just over 4 hours from Zero. I'm on a 30amp Schneider EVlink , but I thought it didn't matter if it is 15 amp or 30amp.
That's strange, my time has always been just over 4 hours from Zero. I'm on a 30amp Schneider EVlink , but I thought it didn't matter if it is 15 amp or 30amp.
Correct 30 Amp doesn't make the car charter faster and I haven't noticed any change in the time it takes to charge the car with 520
The most theoretically that the OBCM can pull is 18A @ 250V which is good for 4.5kw

In practice with residential 240 and a 30 amp breaker you are not going to get much more than 16A and probably closer to 12-14A. If you are publicly L2 charging then the voltage will likely be 208V (so even slower). Would be interesting to step up 10 volts and get .3-.5 kw of extra juice.
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