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UNDER 45K KARMA for sale

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To good to be true the price might be true but I tend to think the car has some problems when ever someone sells a Karma I always ask for a picture of the instrument cluster while the car is in ready mode . The Karma's are still selling for above 60K so why is this one only 45K
Why is everyone dumping there karma's this cheap? I do not get it.
Fisker will be relaunched this year or in 2015. Atlantic will be produced.
Karma is doubtfull but it will remain services and parts will become better and more available.

The cars should rise in value if only 1800 are produced.

I do not get it.

well, that specific car had an accident according to the carfax and had 2 owners already..
seems like it's sold
Cautiously Optimistic

We bought this car and drove it about 475 miles home. Lots of lights have come on: tire pressure, key fob battery, windshield washer fluid, and the engine light. Only the last one is worrisome but since it doesn't appear that the gas engine was used much at all, we think it just needs service. Or at least we hope so.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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