Hey all. I might have an interesting opportunity for someone. I purchased two Karma's sight unseen from South Carolina. They were both advertised as having dead VCMs and both had been sitting for about a year. I was hoping we could bring the VCMs back to life, maybe replace some of the common failure points and then call it a day. So I had both cars shipped to Pat in San Francisco who promptly took the wind out of my sales (no fault of his).

There are two cars:

Car 1: White, 73,000ish miles - Two bad modules. Currently waiting on Jim to ship those to Pat. Bad CIM. Pat quoted $3000 to replace. Needs a blower motor, driver door opening switch and some other small stuff. Cosmetically pretty good. Normal wear but not a show car. White cloth interior. I have already paid for the modules. The car will end up with about a $7000ish bill from Pat after the modules are installed. This would also cover the replacement CIM, replacing the door switch, PRNDL switch and a few other small things, a new contactor and a few other things. Buyer would assume this bill.

Car 2: Black, 93,000ish miles - Pat states the battery pack on this car likely isn't savable. Also has a bad CIM. Similar condition, again normal wear, no damage per se. Car has a bad contactor and quite frankly, I don't want to pay to have it replaced to see if we can revive the battery. I'd rather let someone else play that game and I've lost so much money already on these cars that at some point I have to stop throwing good money after bad.

Price for BOTH cars is $27,000. In addition to the cost of the cars, you would be responsible for the money owed to Pat for services performed (about $7000 if you have the black car finished with the replacement CIM and modules). What you'd end up with is one running car and a seperate parts car, roller or perhaps even a car that can be revived (though admittedly he says it's not likely).

If nobody buys them, I'll just have Pat finish the one car and probably keep it as a weekend ride. The black car is available as-is either way. Feel free to toss me an offer for that one. Pictures incoming. You might be able to revive it but I wouldn't bet your life on it.

Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected]