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TPMS programing

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Is it possible for an owner to program the TPMS? I put on the winter rims/tires for the first time, (love them!) and now the TPMS warning is glowing orange on the dash, almost all of the time. The tires do have the sensors, and the tire pressure is correct.

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Hi Max,

Quick question - what seems to be the issue with your TPMS sensors?
warning light is on
Ahhh - is the diagnostic screen also on? Can you hit the wheel icon to see what sensor is low in air pressure?
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The diagnostic screen is inoperative, it displays but will not respond to touch. was told by Joe Ferante it can only be reset with equipment etc.
I find it easier to just change the watch battery inside the TMPS sensor I use the Maxell CR2450HR Battery For TPMS Tire Air Pressure Sensors For PLC. They sell them on Ebay

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1 - 3 of 29 Posts