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torn tire from pot hole

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Should I replace all 4 tires or is it fine to replace just 2 tires. This car is not AWD so I suspect 2 is fine?

Stock tires have 19000km (12000miles) on them

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What brand of tire should I get?
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I had a ripped sidewall too. Replacing the front two tires with like Yokahamas, while getting 530 upgrade and 70 pt checkup. Rears are Yokos too, with 16k on them, with plenty of tread left.
Mine got replaced at 13000 miles. I did all 4. You can get NEW (not 2012) F-1's from your CSP if you ask.
Bert: 16K with lots of tread sounds pretty good. Did you buy the front ones on tirerack? What are they selling for these days?
actually I checked and it's $220 and $226 on tirerack.
wonder how that compares with NEW F1s (and with 2012 F1s too).
I got my set of 4 Goodyear F1 from tirerack for 800 shipped, but i'm told better to the Yokos -- FiskerPhilly highly recommends them.
Just replaced all 4 - 6500K with Yoko,s. $1160 installed. Also Lug Nuts. Much improved ride, no more noise, crabbing,hopping feel in slow tight radius turns. Do not feel any more noise than F-1,s maybe less. Anybody want a spare set for $100.00 U Pick-Up S FL contact [email protected]
My first set lasted 16K miles, still on second set with about 14K miles but looking better. Dealer replaced all 4 for about $1000 a few years ago now. I now check my air pressure every time I wash the car. Makes a big difference on tire wear.
However, I heard from many sources that the Yoko tires were noticeable louder than the F1 tires. Any one else have input on tire noise? I typically run in stealth most of the time and would give up a little distance for the quieter tire.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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