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Has anyone here ever tried to title a new car (never titled) in a state other than the one they bought the car in?
I don't mean buying the car and having the dealer have a title issued in their state and then sending it off to be transferred to the state where to owner resides, I have done that.
I mean, as in my example, buying my Fisker Karma in Huntsville, AL and having the first title ever issued for the car come from PA, my home state and state of record, which in mililtary-speak, is equivalent, although not quite, to state of residence.
PA does a lot of nice things for military folks, but the DMV definitely has not gotten on the bandwagon.

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I'll be doing it with my Karma (it arrives tomorrow). This will be the third time that I have bought a car out of state and had the first title issued in Virginia.
I plan on taking my paperwork down to DMV and registering the car next week. I don't foresee any problems...
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