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I suspect that I have purchased new front tires a little prematurely. I have put about 6000 miles on these tires and they became very worn on the outside. The car was starting to drift to the right and I thought it was alignment. The alignment was pretty much in-spec and even after getting it dead-right, the car was still drifting to the right. After replacing the tires, the car is straight and true.

Do note that the tires are swapped around in the photo, but the wear really was on the outside. Such a shame, as you can see the remainder of the tire had plenty of life left in it.

Reading the thread, it seems that 6k miles is pretty-much the standard - right?

see this thread

Looks like your goodyears are wearing normally and has plenty of life left. That looks like normal shoulder wear (which is normal for the F1's on the Karma)

Also check alignment with the Hunter (I think hawkeye) machine? PITA to but find a shop that can do at least check the specs. The settings are preset into the alignment rack
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