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see this thread

Looks like your goodyears are wearing normally and has plenty of life left. That looks like normal shoulder wear (which is normal for the F1's on the Karma)

Also check alignment with the Hunter (I think hawkeye) machine? PITA to but find a shop that can do at least check the specs. The settings are preset into the alignment rack
I have never seen a Karma that was close to being within specs. They all have a slow drift to the right worst than any car I've driven or aligned . Not one car is alike when it comes to alignment I've spent hours trying to get it in spec without a pull after doing the alignment at this point if the car doesn't have a pull I adjust the toe and ship the car .

I had same issue and took to the Cadillac dealer with Hunter alignment machine and specs for car in machine and the car was out of alignment by a lot on all four wheels. this was not noticed when driving due to weight of the vehicle other than seeing the wear especial in the front on each outside tread area.
The specs are also located in the owners manual. The outside wear is normal and not an alignment issue.
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