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The Fisker Karma; an owners perspective:

I owned Cadillac Allantes. 1987 and a 1993. Beautiful cars that some loved and others blasted. The Allante had cutting edge technology and are still loved and driven today by many proud owners. I remember the Allante being compared to Mercedes, Buick Reattas, and Lexus 300 vehicles. Does anyone remember the Chrysler Lebaron? Allante and the Lebaron have owner clubs to this day...
Currently, I am averaging 102 miles per gallon after 1600 miles of driving.
My wife and daughter and I fit well in the Karma and love it! Eight brown bags of groceries fit nicely in the trunk for our Sunday grocery shopping. Two golf bags and shoes fit nicely in the trunk.
A 120 mile road trip recently with three adults and one child was fun AND very comfortable for all.
The car in my considered opinion is beautiful and I love it!
There is ALOT of negative press out there...
It is important to consider HOW people drive their vehicles and what their individual expectations are. For me, my typical commute to and from my office is 37 miles each day. Plug in overnight and when I get to the office and I rarley have to use the petro. YEAH!
regarding the Tesla.... The Fisker and the Tesla S are different cars for different people's needs and desires.
Personally, the Fisker Karma fits my family's and my lifestyle better than the Tesla. I researched both extensively and for many reasons the Fisker is better for my family and I.
1. * No range anxiety, no need to find a plug in a power station on extended trips...
2. The fire issue was a fan recall that has been fixed.
3. Mr. Fisker won his the court case. Enough! He and his team built a great car!
4. Electric / Hybrid cars are the way of the future.
5. Is it to far fetched to believe that over time battery technology/life will get better and better and that there may very well be an upgrade to our existing battery source for ALL electric Hybrids and EVs at some point?
6. Depending on how you drive depends on the type of mileage you achieve.
7. The car was not created to compete with the Tesla Roadster or the TeslaS. It is more of a Luxury Sport Sedan with design aesthetics that will resonate with some and not others.
8. There are many POSITIVE articles regarding the Karma's ride, stylig, driving experience, etc. by noted automobile magazines. (Top Speed, Car and Driver, etc. to include many prestigious awards)
9. Hotels charge my car up overnight for FREE (Yes... As long as they have made provision for us EVer folks..) :)
10. You can fully chargé in 12-14 hours on regular house 110 volts by simply plugging into any regular wall outlet!
11. With a level two 220v charger you can fully charge in 4-6 hours.
12. I typically achieve 40-42 miles of range with brisk driving in Stealth/Electric mode only.
13. A Five star hotel 125 miles from our home my family and I recently stayed at ASSURED me they had charging facilities... Nope... (At least I could gas up!) "Free Valet for four days because of their "mix-up"."
My opinions:
1. I LOVE the Fisker Karma that I own in Ocean Blue with brown *tri-tone leather. BEAUTIFUL!!!
2. To me, it is a beautiful car in form, fit and materials
3. The Karma has PLENTY of power for me!
4. The Tesla appears pedestrian to me in terms of styling. The Tesla does not inspire me to ownership. (Is it a Nissan Altima? A new four door Jag? What is up with that front end? You better be able to "plug in" some where on long trips!)
5. I love driving the Karma! Great road feel!
6. Valets park my Karma in the best spots (recently a Tesla in L.A. pulled up to the hotel when we did and NO ONE even gave his car a second glance. *We had Valets all over our Karma to take care of us!) We pulled up behind him...
7. I love the technology!
8. I think the touch screen is wonderful and personally like that it does not look like a pinball machine. (I spent the time to get to be familiar with the screen and some really neat functions most folks would gloss over are available!)
9. For a first time effort, the Fisker group have done a fantastic job!
10. Mr. Musk's sour apples and his opinions are simply his sour apples and opinions.
11. With two tours in the Mideast as a U.S. Marine MstrSgt, spending most of my adult life in third world countries and as an amateur historian, car guy, and an entrepreneur, I appreciate those who go out on a limb.

In summation: There certainly is a tremendous amount of negative press associated with this masterpiece! There is also a tremendous amount of POSITIVE press associated with this vehicle! In the end, "polarizing at the extremes makes icons."

Was, is the Buggati for the masses?

I, for one, love the Fisker Karma!

"Thinking is the hardest thing in the world to do, that's why so few of us do it!" - Mark Twain
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