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The day has finally arrived!

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Earlier this morning I finally picked up my Karma, yay!!! Here's my quick report:

Good things:

1. Car looks AMAZING!!!
2. Car sounds amazing!
3. Car drives pretty much exactly like the Roadshow cars minus the leaf blower.
4. Visibility is excellent - I drove it all around town in traffic and on highways and it is absolutely no problem to see what's around you.
5. I actually got about 50 miles on my charge! And that was doing a mix of city and highway with some pretty heavy driving (no A/C or heater going tho).
6. Hill Mode 2 kicks ass!! I was using it constantly which is probably why I got 50 miles on the charge.

Bad things:

1. Fisker has a loooong way to go on build quality if they want people to pay $120k for this. There isn't a single panel on that car that is fitted correctly. From 10' away it all looks fine, but up close you can see what is probably the sloppiest assembly job I've ever seen. I'll send photos later.

2. The infotainment software has a loooong way to go. Very, very sluggsh - to the point of impossible to use, and it malfunctions a lot. I used the Nav system to get me home and when it got home, the computer actually CRASHED. Error dialog with crash messages and all. When I turned off the car and turned it back on everything was frozen for about 20 seconds until I tried again and the system apparently did a hard reset.

3. Infotainment system is really hard to see. It's in a difficult location and a difficult angle to see - horrible glare, and with sunglasses it's 2x worse.

That's all I can think of for now. I put about 60 miles on it today, but Ill be putting on a lot more in the next couple of days.


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That's all I can think of for now. I put about 60 miles on it today, but Ill be putting on a lot more in the next couple of days.



First, terrific looking garage!! And, keep us updated. I love the real world experiences.

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Well, from where we're seeing it from, it looks great Brian! Figured you'd be out driving around all day.

Do something about that air-dam-killing step in your garage! :p
The Karma's computer runs Windows?!?! Now I know I made the right decision to cancel. Unbelievable!
Thanks for the report, the car looks stunning. And that battery range you achieved is really good.

Too bad that the build quality is not what you had hoped for. You would expect more from a factory that builds Porsches.

I hope those software problems can be fixed (should certainly be possible). Did you find out which software update it had? I went to see my car this morning - delivery next Saturday - and it has version 6.10. It will get 6.11 before it gets delivered. My dealer was very positive about the car being able to get better and better with upgrades in the coming months and years.

Now you really are the founder of the Fisker Owners Club!

We want all the details and pics you can share.

"Do something about that air-dam-killing step in your garage!"

Yeah, did your car actually hit that step?!

"terrific looking garage!!"

The cool looking "garage" you're talking about is actually the dealership. :)

Electrified, finally!
Love it. Have to go drive, but will write more of a report later.
Congrats Brian!

The car looks fantastic. Hopefully the software issues will be resolved promptly, although the build quality concerns are disappointing.
Thebreadman said:
The Karma's computer runs Windows?!?! Now I know I made the right decision to cancel. Unbelievable!
Alas, everyone does, still (as far as I know). We're working on getting Linux-based systems out. :D
Sigurd said:

Electrified, finally!
Love it. Have to go drive, but will write more of a report later.
Your pictures did not load. Please update the link, and your impressions too!
Congratulations to you and Brian - seems like the first owners on the forum!
Yes, looks like I shall return to my sulking cause by being without mine by watching the last of my STAR WARS movies and perhaps watch some of the bonus Blu-Rays included in the set. I am hoping I will get mine before the 3D boxed-set comes out, jk. Congrats to you lucky fellows.
One thing I forgot to mention was that the interior build quality is excellent. It's just the exterior panels that has *serious* alignment issues. I'll take more photos tomorrow. I also want to make a video of the 0-60 times to see what it really gets. The car didn't feel any faster or slower than the Roadshow cars - it's not going to win any races, that's for sure, but it still gets going nicely.

One odd thing that I didn't remember from the roadshow car, is that when the car stops it bucks quite a bit. Seems the suspension has to absorb the 5400lbs. and the car rocks forward & backwards a few times. Not a bad thing, just unusual. Never felt a car do that before.


I picked mine up at Fisker Austin on Friday. Originally was waiting for a Laguna/Canyon Tritone, but the paint issues.... Wound up changing the order to Shadow, then was offered the second demo car which arrived last weekend. A few days of delays as they worked through the process of PDI, etc - was told it was because I had the first car delivered in Austin.

I haven't noticed any panel fit issues, will take another close look tomorrow. The infotainment system is very sluggish, although I have yet to see a crash. (fingers crossed.) I did see a problem with the solar panel display, that particular screen appears to be hung.

Great drive and man does the car turn heads. Last night parked to go to a movie and had one guy stop me to ask questions as I was getting out of the car. As I was walking back to it after the film there were two guys looking it over and one was taking pictures. It happened today at a grocery store. My son and I were walking out of the HEB and I said to him "there's another guy taking a picture of the Karma." My eight-year old corrected me and said "nope, there are two guys taking pictures and another looking it over" and he was right.
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I'm still having problems posting pictures, but was able to crop some URL options to at least give some links that work.
I must say I absolutely love this car. It is so unlike anything I own. The ride is as smooth or better than any other sedan I have. It certainly doesn't have the acceleration or the sound of my Lambo, but it's not a sportscar and its not a gas guzzler. It is what it is and very capable at that. The lines are remarkable. Unlike the Lambo, the lines appeal to people of all ages and trust me people of all ages are interested. That is the crux of what has us all fixated on this vehicle. It is simply a car that appeals to the masses. You can find something to love in this car no matter what your poison might be. I am so proud to be a part of the "bleeding edge" of this.
As for body panel fit. There seems to only be two panels that might be an issue and it is the front and rear bumper covers. Now, if you look at them, they have a lot of complex curves and to me, it is understandable that there might be a gap issue perceivable to some there (flimsy plastic as they are). Personally, none of the body panel issues matter to me. Maybe I'm just old (and vision failing), but the build quality of this car seems to match or exceed any of my other cars. One caviot: This is a machine run by software! It is a computer running this car primarily, so we have to recognize this and figure out the best "boot" sequence. I have a feeling that most issues are not going to be "build quality", "panel fit", etc. issues, but simply software issues.
Having said that, I would recommend when you get in your car, no foot on the brake, push the start button to let the car wake up slowly into ACC mode. Then, when your car is awake, press the brake pedal and hit the start button again. If you rush it, maybe some parts don't have enough time to intitialize?
This car is not your average Mercedes, or Aston Martin, or Lamborghini. Those cars are like toasters to this computer. And, if Microsoft with all their resources can't get it right the first time (and I am using Vista), then be patient but supportive and know that Fisker will probably work all the details out.
Now, if your problem is body panel fit or any other physical build problem, then I disagree as my car seems simply flawless to me for its intention and I now have a new favorite in my stable!
I want to be honest and tell you all (who have tought me so much) that I have had a few glasses of wine this evening in celebration of my new arrival (along with my 4 month old boy) so I might feel the need to edit this posting in the morning (or maybe not). [hr]
OK, just to make things clear: My 4 month old son had NO wine!
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Tusen takk, Magnus!
Great reports, getting a lot of positive feelings after reading that! :thumbup:
That's great guys - I'm jealous!!! Post some videos too !!!
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