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This bulletin/press release was sent to the Karma Automotive mailing list this morning. The email itself was an attractive newsletter-style announcement with links and pictures. I've included only the text below:

The Dawn of a New Era

August 27, 1992 was billed as the end of an era. That was the day General Motors shut down its Van Nuys production facility and many thought Southern California – once a cornerstone for America’s engineering and production prowess – would never make cars again.

May 11, 2016 marked a new chapter in the book many thought already completed. That was the day the first Karma Revero rolled off of the assembly line in our new Moreno Valley factory.

This, along with our early cars, are destined for a spate of engineering tests, but we are now on the path to start production on what will become our first customer vehicle.

Karma has tapped our talent-rich region of Southern California looking for craftsmen certified in trades like the hand-welding of aluminum alloy – necessary for the Revero’s unique construction. Not everything will be done by hand; around 70 precision robots will augment our workforce to ensure perfect fit and finish.

Our entire team labored hard to bring that first car into the world, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Stay tuned for more.


The article also provided a link to the Karma Automotive facebook page which has some photos and additional updates:
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