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We all ultimately want to crush the (oil) barrel!

We strongly believe that sooner or later the oil barrel era will terminate leaving us with lots of unused trashed materials. We better think now how we could reuse it rather than recycle it. Back in 2010 Fisker Automotive’s investor and importer Gianfranco Pizzuto commissioned to Harry Thaler the production of 10 of his barrel seats. The seats will go on sales at the Fisker Italia “Karma” party in March 2012. Finally, the first Fisker Karmas will be delivered to Italian customers. The funds resulting from the sale of the barrel seats, will sponsor sustainable art & design projects of young local artists.

Click here to see how designer Harry Thaler is crushing the oil barrel transforming it into a comfortable seat:

The oil barrel by designer Harry Thaler:

The converted oil barrels remind us of colossal, crushed drink cans. The oil barrel seat invites you to sit back and relax but simultaneously seems grotesque and surreal given its political agenda. Made out of contemporary memorials, the barrels refer to the oil war and piles of rubbish. Material: high gloss polished oil barrel.
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