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Test Drive!

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...well not really. I had my drive scheduled for this past Saturday. Unfortunately, something I considered normal, was not considered so...

I brought my two boys (who also love cars). They sit in boosters (basically just a cushion that you throw on the seat so they sit higher up). I figured, not only will I get to test drive the car, but I'll put the two boys in back and test the functionality of the car (like you would, any other car you test drive...).

But, I should have called ahead. Show up and was told, booster seats not allowed.


Car looked nice. Trunk is tiny. Food was good. That's about all I can offer. As soon as they found out that I couldn't take the car out, they threw someone else in it and the cars took off. I probably should have piped up and at least used my 20 minutes to sit in the car, use some of the buttons, etc. But, I was frustrated enough that I just took a few pics and left.

Ho hum. The good news is that this pretty much meets my expectations at this point! So, that's a positive. LOL...
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brian said:
doug said:
Not crash certified? How can they sell the cars then?
They can't.

I believe you must be confusing two unrelated items. If the cars are not crash certified Fisker has a huge problem. Crash certification has to happen before the production line starts because very significant structural redesign could very easily be required.

Fisker is merely waiting for the offical EPA rating sticker. This has to do with official gas mileage and electric range numbers.
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