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I just about titled the thread:

"Fisker Begins Karma Buyback Program For Future Atlantic Owners"
but the actual story is:

Tesla Motors Begins Roadster Buyback Program For Future Model S Owners

Tesla has created a buyback program for Roadster owners looking to exchange the two seat sportscar for the more family-oriented, high performance sedan.

Through the use of telemetrics and owner maintenance history, Tesla has created a formula to exactly value your car; and after Tesla buys it, they will then re-allocate it to a dealership for resale. Your old Roadster will go as a credit against the newer Model S purchase.
Wonder if any Karma owners will go to their Fisker dealer to try to trade in for 1 or 2 Atlantics.

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I think it's pretty smart. Roadster sales have never been stellar, but the Roadster is a great car for what it is. Tesla had to stop selling new Roadsters in the US last year because their exemption from advanced airbags (which piggybacked on Lotus's exemption) expired and a new requirement for ESC came into effect.

A certified pre-owned program allows Tesla to again sell Roadsters (in limited numbers) until they're able to launch a new sportscar. [hr]
More interesting are the rumored upgrades that may become available to Roadsters that benefit from the Model S drivetrain engineering.
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