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While likely not committed with the driving of a silver spike, Tesla has completed the first Supercharger line spanning from each coast. This achievement now makes it possible to drive a Tesla Model S from LA to NYC, recharging the vehicles exclusively through Superchargers. Best of all, at these stations, Tesla drivers can top off their tanks for free.
Tesla’s website now brags there are 85 such charging stations across the lower 48 and part of Europe.
The coast-to-coast route takes drivers from the Pacific, through Arizona, up to South Dakota and through Chicago with the ultimate destination of New York City. But, Tesla hasn’t stopped there. The Supercharger network actually spans down both coasts from Seattle to San Diego and Connecticut to the tip of Florida.
These stations are conveniently located for drivers. Tesla says they’re located near major interchanges and amenities. But drivers will not be stranded for long. A Supercharger can recharge a Tesla to 80% in 40 minutes; a full recharge takes 75 minutes.
Tesla introduced the Supercharger in 2012. Instead of simply announcing the intention to build such a network, the company revealed the program and six stations in California. Since then, Tesla has expanded the Supercharger network at a crazy pace. It was just last May that Elon Musk announced plans to build the coast-to-coast link.
Tesla, shut up and ship it.
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