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Technical information needed for a Dutch review

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Dear all, last week I tested the Fisker Karma and I'm writing/finishing the review right now. But there's some technical information I just can't find anywhere or just a part of it. I want to know how it works with the bypass of the batteries. I read somewhere that if you're riding in the Sport-mode and hit the gas that you get a so-called boost, and that the 2.0-liter turbo engine gives direct electrical support to the electric motors in the back of the car. Is this information right or does this bypass also happen on other occasions? How many revs does the turbo-engine make in general. Does this depend purely on how fast you drive and/or how fast you accelerate? I also read somewhere on the internet that the rear has self-leveling dampers. Is this right? And what about the front? and lust but not least, do you really have 1.330 Nm on the rear wheels or does this depend on if the batteries are full loaded? Or is it that you never have the 1.330 Nm on the rear wheels because the inverter-software limits this. I really hope that someone here can answer my questions.
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Daan, if you are writing a review about the Karma, it sounds odd to me, that you query the public about these topics.

If I'd tell you, that in normal operation you have 1207Nm and you will get the full 1330 only on daylight conditions.... Would you take the risk, writing this?

What did Fisker say about these technical questions?
Will it be a public review? Where will we are able to read your report?
I'm also interested in these topics.
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