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Are there any owners that would like to join together so that we could bring Lormax to Tampa Bay to fix our Karma's?. I need a re-build of one of the traction motors and I know there are other owners that need work as well. I spoke with Bryan of the old Fisker of Tampa bay last month and he was agreeable to have Lormax use the old dealership for these repairs. I have not hear from him in a few weeks. Im sure that Lormax is busy and needs to schedule a trip. I miss driving my Karma. If I can help make this happen, I would be happy to help.
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@smoothoperator, @Lormax

You guys need to take this outside. This is wildly off-topic and completely inappropriate for a public discussion. @smoothoperator: Whatever beef you have with @Lormax, take it to courts, police, etc., don't care where, just not here.

I am deleting the original messages. If there are any more, they will be deleted without further warning.
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