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For those of you So Cal / LA area guys who love cars, the best place to spot them was always the last Sunday of every month at in Woodland Hills. Usually Jay Leno stops by with something rare. That and over 100 other exotics as well. Now they have moved. The new location is Westfield Promenade on the corner of of Topanga Cyn and Erwin St., Woodland Hills. Hours are from 7am-10am, EVERY SUNDAY! I promise when I get my Fisker (my guess will be by Xmas (notice how I'm not saying which year) I'll bring it there. For now, I'll bring my Tesla on 1/31/10 & hope to see you there. Cheers, Ian :angel:
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Even among all the remarkable metal that shows up to Supercar Sunday, I'm sure the Karma will make quite an impact. :cool:

Fisker Automotive hasn't yet brought a Karma to the event, have they?

I'm originally from the Westlake and Calabasas area so I used to go to the Supercar Sunday event in the El Camino Shopping Center in Woodland Hills all the time. :)

I haven't heard much about the new location though - how has that affected turn out? I've heard the Auto Gallery now provides everyone coffee at the event?
Fisker has NOT brought a Karma there.
1/31/10 will be my 1st in the new location.
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