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Hi, my name is Wyatt. You may remember me from such memorable posts as "Fisker dealer sign back from the dead," and, "Very much in love with my Karma, and why."

As easy as it truly is to start becoming poetic here, I'm going to keep it as real as I possibly can by sharing a few experiences I have had recently. One time I top it off with petrol, a random guy in a tie and suit emerges from the fuel station and says, "THAT is SEXY." I've already gotten used to this. Maybe the rest of you have, too. This just minutes after my wife scores an overly-careful "incomplete" in the closing of the passenger door, and the computer gives me a yellow "keyfob error" on the main dash screen. Quirks expected and welcomed, this was quickly remedied by .....closing the door all the way. I tell kids to close the door with a fingertip on the glass...don't touch the paint...and don't slam it. :p

And how many times I have had to correct people. Its F_I_S_K_E_R.....not FISTER! I guess by being an owner you become an involuntary ambassador for the defunct brand. Its ok, I think. Maybe?

SO! I printed out a small FAQ sheet, and throw it on the dash when I leave the car parked. It works surprisingly well. Yeah, its 5300 pounds. I know.

The Nav system is unnecessary, primarily because the digital lady navigator in there is still getting her degree in vector kinematics.

I am seeking a piece of black velvet to put over the center console to reduce sun glare burning out my retinas.

I've gotten quite good at making my car sound like a video game as I click and punch in and out of Sport and Stealth mode going down hills, and click-boinging between Hill1 and Hill2, gaining wattage to extend my reach. Every time I come to a stop, it sounds like I upped a level in Super Mario Bros.

I live in the Adirondacks of New York, so there are plenty of hills to scavenge electrons on. But unfortunately a lot of what we call "peepers." Folks from out of town that drive 39mph in a 55mph zone, just because they are overwhelmed with how ridiculously gorgeous it is up here. Answer: click Sport mode (gong!), depress accelerator, and listen to the symphony of turbo whine and electric motor drone as the car screams past them in the left lane.

I look at my car, and it forces me to become reflective. I look at a Tesla, and think, "well, that's so nice for you, I think. At least your Nav works. Mine doesn't, but, well, I have a weird non-drug-induced spiritual thing going on with my car, and, I accept it for its flaws." Its like having that vintage poster of Cindy Crawford above your toolbox in the garage. You refuse to take it down. And, um, sorry, I forgot where I was going with that. ;)

So, having forgotten my brother's birthday, by like 6 days (I am a bad older brother), I texted him this image from my phone. And I figure, it matches my personality, so I will share it with everyone here as my way of saying hello!


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@tinsnail, how often do you get the "don't they also make scissors and shears (Fiskar)"? That's usually more common than the Fisker/Fister confusion. I usually just say that it is called "Karma" and folks generally have an easier time with that.

When I first got my car in early 2012, every time I approached my car in public turned into a press conference, and I eventually made a window sticker with a QR code that pointed to my dealer's Fisker website to help folks get more complete information. Oddly, this made no difference at all and people wanted to actually talk about the car, and I did not mind being one of Karma's unofficial ambassadors.

Regarding the NAV lady's speed nag, you can set the nag threshold or turn it off altogether, just FYI.

Like you, I have a strong emotional reaction to my Karma, which I can only assume is no accident, given Henrik Fisker's mastery of that particular vocabulary. As I said in another post, there are a lot of cars that make me feel excited (Ferraris, Audi R8s, McLarens, etc.) but the Karma makes me feel happy.
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