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Stealth warning light?

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When my wife got in her car today it had a warning triangle thy said Steath!

It was also dinging and so she stopped backing out of the garage and turned it off and restarted it. The light came back on so she parked it.

I tried it 10 minutes later and it was fine.

Any ideas?


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I've never seen that need to read codes and go from there .
I saw this once before, the car did not allow me to get out of Stealth mode. I think it was due to a misfire.
I've seen it before, it prevents the engine from turning on. I have a car doing it right now, it's got a traction motor issue. The triangle comes up and still prevents the engine from coming on, even though it's not related to the engine at all. The triangle also comes up for a misfire that causes engine shutdown. It can come up for a major battery failure. Bottom line is, you'll need to read the codes to find out why.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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