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Stealth vs. Sport mode

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So, one thing I'm not clear on is how the Sport mode actually works. Does Sport mode just provide more power from the battery or does it require the gas generator in combination with the battery to provide the extra power?

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- Stealth mode is just power from the battery.
- Sport mode gives you extra (electrical) power from the generator (the 2.0 ltr Ecotec), next to the battery power. So you will have two power sources at the same time. Selecting sport mode means turning on the generator.

Stealth mode is what most people will be using most of the time, sport mode is nice when at you're at a traffic light :)

On quite a different subject: I wonder when we will be hearing the speaker sound for the first time. Dozens of Karma's have been produced over the last few months. Would they already be emitting a sound? Henrik promised us 'something between a Formula 1 car and a jet engine'. Would that still be what we can expect?

And can we modify the sound? I personally wouldn't mind upgrading it with the pod racer sound from Star Wars :p
...or with "jingle bells" for christmas? ;-)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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