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State Emission testing

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wow... It's now been 3 years and Georgia requires the Karma to have an State Emissions test. Simple connection to the OBDII connector. However, as part of the test, the ICE must be started and the test is required to see a positive RPM # from the OBDII connector. Now, I know how to put in Sport under 26 miles, and even tried opening the gas cap door to force the Karma to vacuum seal the gas cap. However, none will "on-demand" turn on the ICE at particular instant -- this is controlled by the VCM (I think). After a few mins of driving in circles, the ICE came on and we completed the test.

Is there a secret means to "force" the ICE on ??? Will need something a little more precise next year.
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From FiskerPhilly: "Put car in sport mode, in "D" then hold brake and push accelerator pedal to floor quickly and ICE will run for a period long enough for emissions analyzer to scan. I have to do it all the time for Pennsylvania emissions inspection.
1 stipulation, hv battery cant be fully charged,ICE will not come on."
Worked for me.
Hey why didn't I think of that?
Thanks.... we tried, but had the car in Park. Just tried in the Garage.... worked and I didn't wind up in the dining room. I am sure there is a technical reason the car does try to lurch forward.
Just open and close the fuel filler cover. The ICE will come on automatically when you start the car again, even in full stealth mode.
Also a side note the trick putting into drive and tapping the gas pedal doesn't always work if you battery is fully charged . Works best below 26 miles
Thanks... tried opening and closing the Filler Cap. However, the car didn't start until I drove away. Wasn't instantly. Thought it would.... It started in about a half a mile from the emissions testing site. I ran below the 26 miles, so it seemed to work fine... I will try again in a year.. Thanks for all the responses. I am sure as 2015 progresses, others will need the info for states with emission testing.
Yes, here in Pennsylvania I have to do them every year so I've had to run the enhanced OBD II test since 2012 on these. The sport mode punch the throttle trick works fine you just have to have the analyzer ready to go and work quickly.
I just had to go through emissions testing for the first time in AZ. This might help the dozen or more owners in the area. I started at the Scottsdale facility, and they initially told me that they couldn't read my car. But, then I did the "Launch Mode" start of the engine for them (when I could talk them into letting me start the car for them) ... And, they told me that the emissions indicators were all "U" (unformatted ... ?!!) and so I was a FAIL.

I was sent to the Tempe Emissions Station (40 minutes/miles away) where there's a Waiver Center. There, the Waiver guy plugged in and said the car was readable, and that the Scottsdale station didn't have the Fisker in their software, and so whatever "Other" they picked wasn't reading the OBD right. So, my car wasn't (as they told me in Scottsdale) illegally programmed to bypass the emissions monitors. (Sigh). So, now I was free to get back in line for the 4th (___ing) time there in Tempe and they would be able to certify me. What?!!!

So, if you're in the Phoenix area, I recommend the Tempe center. I didn't even have to start the engine there.

Still trying to figure out WHY they bother with an EVER. We should get 5 times the tolerances. Frankly, we should be rewarded for paying the extra to avoid emissions and not have to bother. And, thanks to them sending me all over town, and making me burn gas to do it, I probably released twice the emissions I would have done all month.

But, I'm good for 2 more years.
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