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Sport Plus

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I think Fisker needs to identify Sport with a full battery as "Sport Plus" since the power is supplied to the electric motors from the ICE and battery yielding quicker 0-60 times. Sport would be ICE running with 26 miles or less of battery charge with full power not available. As a driver I would like to know how much oomph I have available at every moment in time. Better yet would be a true Sport Plus mode at our discretion to get full power as long as the battery has some charge. Maybe both paddles depressed simultaneously? To be fair in pure Stealth the car always seems to do fine accelerating from a light or merging into traffic. But I can foresee a situation where I overestimate the power available and it could get ugly.
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Sport mode gives full power all the time even below 26 miles battery range as far as I can tell. I would imagine that you could even drop battery power below 15% which is zero battery range if you drove like 'a bat outta hell' for a long enough stretch. Seeing as it only takes 35kW to cruise level terrain at 70 mph, it is just that the engine gets to rest more often at battery levels above 26 mile range because it is no being forced to sustain anything more than that.
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