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Owns two Karma's. Can you say speculator? Here is my take, (my dealer) "I'll take two" and if I can sell one it'll pay for the other! This is brilliant! I'll even pose this thing as a charity donation (a SMALL percentage) with the largest percentage of proceeds going to the "human fund."

Ridiculous. There are cars to be had without waiting too long or else they WOULD be bringing a premium. With the MSRP increase, I think it was done to offer dealers the ability to discount later this year when demand softens. If I was rich and idiotic (what this seller needs to make good) I would just buy one at MSRP and donate a chunk of money to charity rather than line this guys pockets.

"You are a VIP! You don't wait in lines!" CLASSIC!!!
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ky_soldier: There's an entire thread about this, including a lot of 'speculation' by forum members about the seller's veracity, integrity and sanity here:

The seller himself even posted a comment.

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