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Hello I'm Daan van der Keur from Holland and chief editor of the online Car Maganine
Last week I finally got the chance to test the Fisker Karma. Despite the length and the weight the Fisker Karma is very easy to drive, I was quite amazed by this. The suspension is superb for a car of that weight and low ground clearance. At the beginning of the testing day we drove the car to a big church called 'De Pieterskerk' (this church isn't used for divine services anymore, only for events!) in my hometown Leiden where the Pilgrim Fathers - - set sail to America in 1620. I got the rare opportunity to make pictures in this church from the Fisker Karma. Luckily the Fisker Karma fitted between the doors at the main entrance. My friend and photographer Mick Kleijwegt made some very nice pics.


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Penitent: Forgive me father for I have sinned --
Priest: -- yeah, yeah, let's talk about that later. First, what is that gorgeous car parked in the nave?
Penitent: But Father, my sins ...
Priest: Son, if that's your car, you've got yourself a plenary indulgence if you let me drive it around for a couple of hours. If that's not your car, your sins are not worth forgiving.
Penitent: Here are the keys, father.
Priest: Bless you my son. Now you have a couple of hours to make the indulgence worth your while.
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