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Some thoughts please

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Some thoughts when I was out in Anniheim we took a pretty extensive tour of the design studio I wonder what's going to happen the the Sunset the Surf and undisclosed car which I believe was a SUV . Does these one of one cars get auctioned off or will they disappear into some barn . They also had all the full size clay models of the Karma and the Alantic plus smaller clay models of the Karma . Any members here that we're lucky enough to get a tour I'am sure you know what I'am referring too. It's hard for me to fathom what happens to all of the design equipment .They had a full working shop plus a mock up shop where they developed the Alantic . All I can think of this can't happen and some company can't let Fisker get dismantled . How about all the spare parts ?
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I know exactly what you are referring to. I've been there and enjoyed seeing all of the models and the actual cars. Hopefully someone will come to their senses and rescue the company and all of the incredible design work. Lets not forget about all of those people that put their hearts and souls into this company!
It's probably a good time to create a list for owners & technician/mechanic shops (dealers that are going to stay in the game even if Fisker gets dismantled) of what we need to maintain the cars.

Plan A is for FA to be acquired by a strategic investor that sees that they can accomplish the vision for the Karma, Atlantic, etc.

Plan B is for us to create an ecosystem that can maintain our Karmas.

We can't do anything on Plan A, except to hope. But on Plan B, we can begin to brainstorm and support our dealers.

Harleyguy, I wonder if we can get your dealership, and an couple others to get together on a stock up strategy.

This would provide FA with added cash by pulling through any inventory, and second, I'd feel more secure knowing the inventory is owned by the dealer/garage and not subject to auction. Third, it is a good investment for the dealerships that have a community of owners in the area.

I read a little about the scrap yards for hurricane sandy (below), and wondering if there is anyone who knows where the damaged Karmas went. Seems like there may be many parts for salvage.

Scrap Yards Are Among Hurricane Sandy’s Beneficiaries
One of the nation's busiest scrap-metal yards—a sprawling 83-acre site in Jersey City populated by cranes and a massive shredder that can crush a car in 10 seconds—sat right in the middle of superstorm Sandy's path.

I wonder if there are any experts in the forum that are connected with garages that maintain rare cars, and therefore might have some advice on what we should be trying to secure now to make maintaining in the future a lot easier.

I also wonder if there are any dealers that might want to hire a few former employees as consultants to build out a parts list and support plan for their customers (or if any of the 50 employees kept at Fisker have any focus on creating a transition plan for their ~2000 customers).

I am a bit stream of consciousness here with this post, and wondering, anyone in the forum have expertise on how to get us organized and prepared just in case we end up with plan B instead of the preferred plan A?
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Good thinking, Rex!

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Fantastic Rex,
Perhaps Lormax might also have some input as he stated he would be there for us in the event of the worst case scenario. Let's be proactive!
As a dealer I can say we don't stock many parts since cost is a big factor. The parts we do have are is variety of the first part order Fisker sent us when we became a dealership .I also do the parts for my dealer . When I worked on a car I also pulled the parts from stock looked up what parts we need then Email the parts manager and ordered them. I knew something was wrong because in the past few weeks that we ordered parts a lot of them didn't come I and then I ordered some small parts last week and the parts came in the next day .
From what I was told the reason parts weren't coming in was due that Fisker wasn't paying the shipping companies this was told me off the record . I ordered six sets of tires and received none .
As far as the hurricane cars they had on site company crushing the cars after the HV battery was removed also I can't confirm that.
I will add a twist in that we have a car in the body shop for two months now waiting on a front impact bar that's behind the bumper with the help of Fisker we were told we wouldn't see one and they didn't have any in Finland the part is a bolt on part also. The day before the closing we were told they located the part we need in New Jersey they still needed to unbolt it. I have no idea where we stand on it now .

Very few are going to be able to even work on this car except for a GM tech since the motor is a GM part the motor is a very well motor I don't for see any problems. Also since the Fisker dealership are the only ones that have the deadacated scan tool and interface. Matter of fact I have two interfaces they costed 4 grand each .Weare also lucky in a spence that the software that is needed to flash the modules is held on the laptop not off a main frame.I no longer have access to Fiskers site for bulletins and other important documents like wiring diagrams they came off Fiskers main frame .
We have so many questions and its way to early in this process to get answers also Fisker was my source of income so my future is still unsure .im lucky for the knowable I have I'm confident I can repair any problem it's the part supply is the problem and wiring diagrams that are so needed . And they weren't very good .
If I had some crazy problem the help line would have to search for documents on that system then send them to me via Fiskers site .

I should know more this week one of Fiskers managers said he was going to call . I will try and give an update as things unfold I also know some of Fiskers employees are part of this Forum hopefully they will provide insite also .
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What about this as a plan: Reaching out the Fisker management that remains and get a owner ambassador to let us have access to the necessary support documentation to keep the cars on the roads seems like step 1. We want to seem them succeed, we don't want to appropriate their IP... but they also have want us to succeed as owners, and they need to provide a continuity plan by either publishing the documentation (rather than leaving it on their central server, which might go down). Or, designating a trusted dealer as the "back-up" server that can mirror their server to ensure the Fisker owner community has the necessary documentation to maintain the cars during this time of uncertainty, and potentially beyond.

Let's start with the big dealers, Silicon Valley, Santa Monica, Atlanta (others?) where we have a shot of getting the owner, engaged in planning for Plan B. Who has a good connection with the owner that would engage on behalf of the dealer association to be the "mirror site" for the documentation?

If the mirror site is too complex, let's up-load what we have in terms of documentation. To facilitate this, I created "FISKER-Lives" as a google site. Here is the URL:

It has the PDF of our owners manual, and a pretty much blank spreadsheet for us to upload a parts list, if such a thing exists. I was trying to find the post with the vendor list... maybe that could be uploaded.

Harleyguy, could you write out your list of resources you've used in the past, such as the wiring diagrams, technical bulletins, etc.?
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I will try to contact Tom Price, owner of Fisker Silicon Valley/McLaren San Francisco (same dealership).
Great idea Rex - Fisket OC should also be helpful as I think they sold the second highest number of Karmas after Santa Monica.
Jeff at Fisker OC mentioned they were one of the higher volume dealers. I'm sure he would try to help us out.
Great. I added a few names to the directory portion of the google site: if you want to add, here it is.

Or, post it at Fiskerbuzz and I'll add it.
Like Harley, I'm now locked out of the Fisker Tech website. It's not that our logins aren't working, it's that we just simply can't login. So, access to wiring diagrams and other documentation is gone at this time. Like Harley, I'm confident that I can repair pretty much anything on the car on the know-how side. The problem would be acquiring parts. If some of you owners end up with 'parts cars' or donor vehicles, the chances of you having at least one running Karma all the time are much better. Also, for those of you thinking about buying a second (or more) Karma, I can't stress this enough, PM me. A pre-buy inspection will save you a lot of trouble down the road, and I'll be happy to help point out things to look for.

Regarding parts. Fisker OC's parts department has quite a few parts on hand. There are a few things missing that I really wish we had a few of (CIU and OBCM come to mind), but some of the other parts that we have are now quite valuable to have for someone that wants to keep their car running (including a differential unit). I do know that anyone that would want to pick these parts up, they are ready to give a deal to someone that purchases everything. Feel free to PM me about this and I can go into further detail.

On a personal note, I'm also with Harley in this boat. Fisker OC is my source of income. Yes, we're attached to a large BMW/Mini dealership as well, but I don't work on those. Here's to hoping I'm employed in a week :)
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Lormax, you always seemed like you were very busy servicing Fisker's. I would hope Shelly would keep you employed to keep the service going, although it seems that we, as Fisker owners, would now have to pay for the maintenance. I certainly hope it will work out and you get to stay; I've been very pleased with you and your abilities.
Help from Ex Fisker Team mates

There is a ton of knowledge that is still lurking on this forum. If you have questions, need information shout it out....

Best regards,

David Harris
Former Fisker Marketing Manger
Only if it means something

They fired their operations manual.

The issues that you will have with your Karma's will not be solved by a wiring diagram. They will require the engineers that Fisker took a huge dump on.
Hopefully the former Fisker employees realize we owners are on their side. We took the leap of faith because we believed in what they were doing and still do. It's a shame how things have progressed and Fisker couldn't get their act together.
Hopefully the former Fisker employees realize we owners are on their side. We took the leap of faith because we believed in what they were doing and still do. It's a shame how things have progressed and Fisker couldn't get their act together.
With the exception of a few all the former Fisker employees are on the customers side
Just came back from my Fisker Dealer (Palm Beach, Fl). No longer honoring warranty which should come as no surprise to anybody, since Fisker is no longer paying invoices, and no longer communicating with anybody---except maybe in very secret negotiations.

I am not an attorney, but have been involved in many bankruptcies as a creditor. This is a most unusual situation. Fisker is de facto bankrupt. No revenues--no employees---no communications. So then, why have they kept an executive staff.

Seems to me that if they do not declare voluntary bankruptcy immediately then 3 creditors should get together and then throw them into involuntary bankruptcy.

This would probably have a beneficial effect for the owners of the vehicle, since our primary concern now is continuity of service and the future of Fisker. I assume that the DOE has first lien on the assets of the corporation. If they forclose on the loan then we can finally find out if there is a viable buyer for this company. So what if it is sold at fire sale (no pun intended). The buyer will get a $1bn investment for 10 cents on the dollar. This should give him the opportunity to clear the deck and rejuvenate the franchise.

Of course I am assuming that there is an interested buyer. If not then the company will be valued at zero and become a footnote in automotive history.

If there is a buyer, then I can't imagine that he won't honor warranties. There are only 2000 of us out there and eventually the warranties will expire. The cars seem fairly reliable now, so this is probably not a huge expense compared to the further development of the Atlantic and re-establishment of a viable dealer network.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed on this one. I love my Karma and would be very sad to see the CEL come on in 3 months with nobody around to take care of it.
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Just came back from my Fisker Dealer (Palm Beach, Fl). No longer honoring warranty which should come as no surprise to anybody, since Fisker is no longer paying invoices, and no longer communicating with anybody---except maybe in very secret negotiations.
Check your PM's. I sent you a message that may help.

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