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My system is 7.3 KW, split into two inverters, one with about 3 KW facing south and the other about 4 KW facing South-East. In Northern California, it generated 9938 kwh in 2011, per the attached chart (This chart is part of the monitoring system that comes with a Solar City installed System). The two colors represent the two separate inverters. Overall, I averaged 27 kwh a day, which you can see peaked around 39 kwh a day in July (1200 kwh for the month) and hit the low point at about 13 kwh a day in January. So, your estimates for making 44 kwh/day from an 8.9 KW system may be a tad high. I'd say you should run a sensitivity analysis and see what you think at 35 kwh a day average. Where I live, the system is replacing peak rates above $0.40 a kwh and mid-tier rates over $0.33 a kwh (summer months previously had bills in excess of $600), so mine makes perfect sense at my PG&E rates.

And I agree with Deep Ocean - I am extremely happy I installed the system.
Good luck.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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