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Solar Panel Interior Cooling Feature

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Does anyone know if the interior cooling fan powered by the solar panel actually works yet? It was in the upper 70's and very sunny yesterday. My car interior got quite warm yet that cooling fan didn't appear to be on, and it sure would have helped if it had been.

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I believe in another thread this was discussed and consensus was this feature was not yet enabled by Fisker, nor was the remote cabin preconditioning. Still on their list to fix/enable.
I'm guessing that the solar panel isn't actually working at all right now.

My car was outside this weekend and I did notice the fans were on. I did not open the door to check the inside temp however.
I doubt its working, It was 85 degrees here and the car was smoking hot when we got in it. And I'm not just referring to the styling.
brian said:
I'm guessing that the solar panel isn't actually working at all right now.

I would have to agree with this. In the preference menu in the solar energy saved page I haven't seen the number go up at all even though the car has been out in the sun quite a bit
The static screen (it's probably also locked on February) is a known bug in current versions of the software. It's unclear if they plan to revive the screen or kill it entirely.
The hvac fan does blow inside when the car is sitting in the sun, however since the software does not allow the A/C compressor to run while the car is off, the amount of cooling it can do is minimal, especially on the black sand monotone cars.
It may be that it is supposed to work, but I have yet to hear it or feel it, because my car has been quite hot with only a 75 degree outside temp and I have never heard a fan running on my car when I approached it, I even walked around listening in a quiet environment.
Personally I'd love it if they got this all fixed before summer hits here in South Mississippi...
I was cleaning my car up for pictures today and it was out in the sun and about 70 outside....the fans were running....I even commented to my wife about this. Not sure how much good it was doing but you could clearly hear them.

solar gathering feature is locked out for now.
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