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Solar display in infotainment system

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I only recently realized that the "Solar" display in the infotainment system hasn't updated in awhile. It currently shows February stats (no idea which year), and there's no option to select other months.

The manual says that there should be other selections in the lower right, but there's not; all I have there is black.

Any suggestions?
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Funny just the other day I was looking at that? Could not figure out how to change date?? Good question, I hope some of our Fisker guru's can help out with this?
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The display panel does not work
The solar panel does work but what your looking at is only a JEPEG if Fisker releases software version 600 that picture will be gone from what I understand there wasn't any plans to get the interface to work.
There is a way to verify that the solar roof is producing power. See this Post and watch the referenced video.
Fab, thanks for posting that again. I will check this out today. I did not know about that and it was always one of my questions. Hopefully, my solar panel is still working.
If you want to see that the solar panel works, make sure you are in full sun. with Just regular day light with clouds, even small ones, it will not work.
What caught my attention was that every time I passed under an overpass, the roof part of the display would go blank and it would light back up again when I drove into sunlight, as you can see in the video. You could move the car from sunlight to shadow to check out the difference in the display.
Thanks Fabulist. As usual, I learn something new about the Karma from your posts. After watching that video, I will have to test out the solar panel behavior on the info screen in and out of the sun.

I am also happy to have confirmed a while back that my solar powered fans to circulate the air in the cabin do work. This might be one of my most favorite features of the Karma (lame....maybe....but in Phoenix this is a great feature!).
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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