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I think we all agree on this, and it has been requested at least a dozen times on other threads. In addition to the fact that it's simply inefficient to have everyone calling someone to find out the information, it seems that the information itself is flawed. I was originally told that 6.13 was supposed to fix the dashboard issues, but as we all know it didn't. Even the day that 6.14 came out one Fisker rep that I spoke to on the phone was still insisting that 6.13 fixed those things and that 6.14 was just an update to the Command Center. The next day I spoke to a different Fisker rep who told me a totally different story and said that no, 6.14 fixed the dashboard issues.

If Fisker would simply publish an official revision list then it would clear this all up. I'm still not 100% certain what 6.14 fixes since different people tell me different things. I would also like to see a list of what known bugs still exist with some idea of when they expect to have them resolved.

1 - 2 of 45 Posts
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