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SoCalGuy said:
I was perusing through some of the material on Fisker's "blog" ( and I noticed that the A123 battery produces 241HP of power and the ICE produces 260HP. Combined, when put in series, the system should be able to generate 501HP of power. I know the "Q-drive" electric motors each produce 201HP of power to total roughly 403HP, so I wonder what happens to that extra 100HP? Does it get used to charge the battery in Sport mode (is that why Sport mode 'freezes' your electric-only range)? Fantasizing for a bit, it would be cool if Fisker had an "Overdrive" button where it pumped out (for a limited period of time) that extra 100HP... I'd imagine 0-60 acceleration time could be improved 25% to 5.0s...
The 241 HP from the battery is what is available in Stealth Mode. I don't think one can simply add the 260 HP of the ICE to that for a total of 501 HP, because the ICE does not directly connect to the wheels. The ICE charges (through the generator) the battery, but also provides an extra charge to the two electric motors, bypassing the battery. I cannot imagine that this will translate in 260 extra HP for the electric motors, without any loss.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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