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Snow / Winter Tire

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Need help for snow tire,

I already Locate 2 NEW complete kit 21 inches but my problem is replacement tire and mag.
Here in Montreal Canada I usually cut at least 10 tires and scrap 5 mags per year during a winter especially with 21 inches
If I buy a kit it is impossible for me to replace a cut tire , Yokohama have no more W Drive in stock
I have to find a Winter tire easy to replace that fit my Fisker. Look like it is impossible.

Look at our normal street during winter: (Start the video at 16 sec)

Hope you could help me with other size easy to buy and fit the Fisker.
Also do you know what mag could fit the Karma Ex: Porsche ??? Land Rover ???

Under the Highway Safety Code, all taxis and passenger vehicles registered in Québec must be equipped with tires specifically designed for winter driving from December 15 to March 15 :mad:

Thank's in advance.

Nb: Tire rack Answer:
Hi Remi,
Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we do not have any wheels available for your Fisker Karma Sorry for the bad news!

Roger Laughlin | Sales Specialist
Tire Rack
7101 Vorden Parkway
South Bend, IN 46628
O: 888 428 8355 ext. 4627
O: 574 287 2345 ext. 4627
F: 574 236 7707
[email protected]
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You destroy 10 tires and 5 wheels per year? What do you do for a living? Monster Truck Racing?
Yes and it is normal in this part of the World but we have Road Hazard to help us :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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