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SoCalGuy, I have several (and still have one) brilliant silver cars, so the gold tint was perfect for me. In fact, until the color was confirmed, I was anxious the color was going to be just silver and I was glad it turned out to be what it became. I love the color combination. Color is so personal and they are all nice, but for me the Signature Edition is perfection. I'm glad you didn't want the gold tint, since to you it isn't an option. It'd suck to want it and not be able to get it. ;-)
The main reason I chose the Signature Edition was that I wanted to lock in the price at $100K for a car that had all the options and I would be one of the first to get mine. That was the dream I bought into. It certainly was a gamble, but in the end it paid off. I have a special Karma, at a special price and the color combination is ideal for me (and I didn't even have to sweat over it).
Kabalah 70, great idea! I think we are a group that have a lot in common.
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