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Hey folks,

After almost 4 years, It's time to go car-less for a while. I've been at school for over a year and it's a bit weird to be a struggling student and driving an "Exotic".

I am the second owner, I bought it from Dennis, whom many of you know from this forum. There are photos on my profile pics.

I've been off the forum for Fisker Buzz technical reasons and had to make a new profile to finally get on after at least a dozen attempts at a new password reset.

It's a fully loaded Eco Sport with Canyon Tri-tone leather interior. Approximately 53,000 miles. Serviced last month by Alex Pop in SoCal on my way to a wedding in San Diego. I drive the car almost every day, and so I've been told, that is why it's never got me stuck anywhere. Yes, I have to occasionally reboot it. I replaced the 120V charger with a Clipper Creek one. I used the tire inflator once but never the patch canister.

It cleans up pretty nicely. There are a few little scrapes under the front bumper and a bit of light damage on the rims. The plastidip custom job I did hides it all though. It's pictured in the header photo from the gathering last year in Los Gatos. I'm either 5th or 3rd on the right.

I'm asking $45,000. Make me a reasonable offer.

-Alex VW
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