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I saw this on the fisker tech info website. does anyone have additional info? symptoms? the actual bulletin?

New Service Bulletin - Half Shaft Hub Nut Torque Specification - Thursday, October 31, 2013
Current Half Shaft nut may experience loss of fastening torque from normal-operation driveline torque reversals from the regenerative braking system.

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The TSB was published on October 31, 2013. Fisker filed for BK in November 2013. I seriously doubt it has been addressed in anyone cars.
in case you need it

Service Bulletin
5515 East La Palma Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92807-2116 USA Tel: +1 714.888.4255 Fax: +1 714.888.4256
Fisker Automotive Inc.
NUMBER: 250120501.02 DATE: Oct 11, 2013
TITLE: Half Shaft Hub Nut Torque Specification (Update)
Half Shaft nut (C144201705200 - NUT-HEX FL PTM PC10 M27 X 2.0 X 18)
Previous Specification:
200 Nm +/- 30 Nm
Updated Specification
200 Nm (+/- 30 Nm) + 90 deg (+/- 5 deg)
Clockwise - tightening direction
Updated Specification (equivalent torque):
550 Nm +/- 50 Nm
PROCESS OVERVIEW (No vehicle hoisting required):
1. Remove rear Wheel Center Caps, using butyl rubber or other method.
2. Locate and inspect 27mm Half Shaft nut.
a. Replace Half Shaft nut with NEW C144201705200 if prior service has been
3. Using Calibrated Torque Wrench with compatible 33 mm socket, carefully set Half Shaft
nut to 200 Nm (+/- 30 Nm).
4. Using long-handle breaker bar, carefully tighten Half Shaft nut another 90 degrees
(+/- 5 deg), in clockwise direction.
a. Note that torque will increase greatly to final setting of 550 Nm (+/- 50 Nm).
b. Torque + angle specification provided for typical shop tool compatibility.
5. Replace Wheel Center Cap.
6. Repeat Steps 2-5 for other side of vehicle.

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Yes. This bulletin was posted to our tech site well after things were shut down. However there were a few employees that remained throughout, one being a drivetrain engineer whom Harleyguy and I know. He put this bulletin together and posted it for us. However, to say its a serious issue is exaggeration. I've never seen one loosen up. Not even one. So nothing to panic about. Even if that axle nut were to come off, which is nearly impossible if you saw it, the axle couldn't come out of the splined hub. Its more or less something for us there look for when servicing. These bulletins are common. I couldnt imagine if car owners had access to all the bulletins we see they'd sell their car ;)

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thanks FiskerPhilly, for putting in perspective. I just put my torque wrench back in the cabinet. In 26,000 miles, not an issue, will keep in mind if there is any work done on the Axle.

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Ok Guys here is what the recall site pulled up :

1. Does the warranty status mean anything on this ? (It says mine is still active)

2. It does not show this campaign in the list specific to my vin ?

Thanks for the help.

Model : 2012 Karma EcoSpor Odometer Unit : MPH Build Date : 2011-12-21 Warranty : Active

Recall/Campaign # Description Launch Date Status Completed Date Odometer Reading
390120018 BASELINE 615 RELEASE OVERVIEW CAMPAIGN 2012-04-02 Completed 2012-05-29 765
360120014 RECOVERY EYE CAMPAIGN 2012-04-05 Open Not Reported
390120040 BASELINE 628 RELEASE OVERVIEW CAMPAIGN 2012-06-22 Completed 2012-08-12 1700
520120016 LOW TEMPERATURE COOLING FAN VOLUNTARY SA 2012-08-24 Completed 2012-10-10 2416
390120058 BASELINE 510 RELEASE OVERVIEW 2012-10-17 Completed 2012-12-14 3255
370120038 DOOR PULL RING CAMPAIGN 2012-11-13 Open Not Reported
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